Zero Hour

by Sleeping Satellites

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released November 15, 2011

(C) 2011 Benefactor Records; reissued in 2017 on Aqualung Records

Produced and mixed by Jeff Fiedler and Frank Lettieri at Fat Head Studios in Lambertville, NJ, for Patin's Place Productions, and engineered and mastered by Frank Lettieri

All music and lyrics written by Jeff Fiedler

Jeff Fiedler: all lead and harmony vocals; rhythm guitars; synthesizer solos on "Don't Settle"; and live drums on "All You Have to Be Is True" and "Don't Settle"
Frank Lettieri: bass guitar; lead guitar and guitar solo on "All You Have to Be Is True"; lead guitar, rhythm guitar, and synth loops on "The Bashful Type"; live drums on "Devil May Care" and "Just Before You Left" and drum programming on "The Bashful Type" and "Devil May Care"

Front cover photo by Frank Lettieri
Album cover design by Jeff Fiedler, Frank Lettieri, and Joanne Petrillo

In memory of Tim Ryan, without whom we never could have started this project; we miss you, buddy!

Special thanks to: Michelle Cacciatore, Josh Carmichael, Lisa Cavallaro, Matt Davis, Russ de la Torre, Mike Deitch, Brian Erickson, Leighann Ertle, Bill Greenwood, Amanda Guthrie, Ivan Hollister, Matt Huston, Scott Kammerer, Laura Kelly, Kyle Knuppel, Bill Lambusta, Mark Lettieri, Ken Levin, Lynnie Maccar, Scottie and Jeanine Maloney, Jim McGee, Drew Novelli, Jaime and Bobbie Parker, George Petrillo, Matt Pischl, Sarah Wakelee, Ben Walker, Maureen Zahn, Hannah Zaic; Diana Ayala, Jerry Bill, Chris Bursk, Chris Fernandez, Rhoda Goldberg, Janet Hughes, Mike Kelly, John Kerrigan, Jason Krukowski, Harry Letts, Nancy Masulis, Gerard Mullin, Richard Radke, Jerry Sandusky, Robbie Sethi, Jeff Sorgler, Sean Spruill, Grant Umberger, and Andy Vineberg for being such wonderful cheerleaders for this project and going out of your way to urge us to keep going forward; Harry Kelly and all the Eurest crew, especially Sky and Heather for listening to our work in progress and giving us feedback; Tony, Frank, Cathy, Mike, Debbie, and all our friends down at the Roebling American Legion for all the enthusiastic words; and to every professor, classmate, and co-worker I've ever had who encouraged and urged me to try my luck as a musician, thanks to every last one of you for believing so much in my talent (especially since I don't!) and cheering me on; it really meant the world to this kid. I hope this EP makes all of you proud.

Extra special thanks to: the always selfless Joanne "Mama Jo" Petrillo for everything you do for us, not in the least for letting us use your family room as our recording studio; my insanely cool brother, John Fiedler, for patiently taking the time to listen to our work and to come out to support us at our rare NYC dates in spite of the fact that Jay-Z is not in our band (yet; we're working on it, dude), and my equally awesome new sister-in-law Natalie Ingram; to the entire Fiedler and White families, with a special shout-out to John, Landen and Logan Davis; but most especially to my two foremost heroes, my unceasingly amazing parents, the greatest role models a kid could possibly ask for! Words cannot even begin to describe just how much I admire and look up to both of you.

Lastly, this EP is dedicated to this musician's two foremost cheerleaders and self-described "biggest fans": Karen Fiedler Davis for being the one person I know I can always depend on to never discourage me from doing this stuff, impractical though I know it is, and especially for urging and inspiring me to take up songwriting and performing in the first place; and to Sheelagh Ruane, who lobbied harder than anyone to get me to do this record and whose support and enthusiasm is in and of itself reason for a musician to keep coming back to the stage. This disc surely wouldn't exist if not for you two, and I thank you both from the bottom of my heart.

Until next time ... enjoy listening, and thank you to each and every one of you out there who takes the time to download this digital EP! Together, we can make a real difference.



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Jeff Fiedler Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A prolific songwriter and gifted producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist (rhythm guitar, bass, piano, drums), Jeff also fronts the power-pop bands Sleeping Satellites (with Frank Lettieri of Dust of Days) and Jet Fuel Genius (with Bill Lambusta of Bootstrap Bandits) and also records as a duo alongside longtime creative collaborator Brian Erickson (of The Paper Jets.) ... more

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